Descendants of HELMECZI
Hungary, Canada and the United States

The Helmeczi/Helmeczy name has been documented in Zemplen County, Hungary since Medieval times. At one point, members of this family controlled hundreds of acres in what is now Hungary, Slovakia, the Ukraine and Romania near the Ukranian city of Ung (Ungvár)

Our branch of the Helmeczi family comes from the town of Bodrogszerdahely which today is located in the Slovak republic a mile north of the Hungarian frontier. The Slovak name of the town is Streda nad Bodrodgom. It lies less than twenty miles from the Ukranian border.
Members of the family have consistantly held positions of authority and honor in this village of 2000 to 3000 people. Our family is of the Greek Catholic faith.

St Mihaly Greek Catholic Church
Bodrogszerdahely, Hungary

our Family Church

Mihaly Helmeczi immigrated to the USA in 1892 and eventually settled in Franklin, NJ where he became known as Michael Helmacy and his descendants use the spelling Helmacy.

Joséf Helmeczi immigrated from Boldrogszerdahely to Canada in the first half of the 20th century and became known as Joseph Helmeczy. His descendants use the spelling Helmeczy.

István Helmeczi immigrated from Boldrogszerdahely to Bethlehem, PA in the early 1900's and his descendants now live in NJ and still use the Helmeczi spelling.

Helmeczi families from other villages and towns also immigrated to the USA. Another varient of the name found in our family is Helmecy.

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