LAURA WALTER March 1, 1884
February 4, 1891

To my friends.
March. 1. 1884 My Album is a garden spot Where all my friends may sow. Where thorns and thistles flourish not But flowers alone may grow, With smiles for sunshine, Tears for showers Ill water, watch, and gaurd these flowers.
Laura Walter

To Laura Many weeks weve spent together Sweetly have they passes away Soon well part, perhaps forever Think of me, when far away. Elsie Shallenberger Laura Some little token of my regard you wish from me to claim but as time is pressing hard I will but write my name Addie McG To Laura Remember me when far away when sailing oer the sea others may be more beautiful but still remember me. March the 1st, 1884 Your Uncle A. Walter August 9. 1884 Boulder Colorado Laura That your path may be Strewn with flowers are the wishes of your Aunt Josephine Austin To Laura March 23rd 1884 When the name that I write here on the page is dim And the leaves of your album are yellow with age Still think of me kindly and do not forget That wherever I am I remember you yet. Complements of your Cousin M.B. To Laura When on these lines your eyes you cast Think of the time you saw me last And if my face no more you see By these few lines remember me Your Aunt March. 20. 84 Celia March the 22nd 84 To Laura Remember me when far away And only half awake Remember me on your wedding day And send a slice of cake Your Aunt Jennie Friend Laura In this book of Life Gods Album May your name be pened with care And may all who here may write Have their names forever there. In fond Remernberence Complements of your Cousin Harriet Bardin To Friend Laura June 2nd 1889 Oh remember me! What a task Remember me, is all I ask, Remember me, and so will I, Remember me, untill you die. Compliments op your Friend Mary E. Piguard To Laura Whwn you are siting alone And thinking of past remember You have a friend as long as friendship lasts Mary Hoffer to Laura To Laura Jan 19th 1886 Laura Walter is your name. And happy is your life. And blessed be that nice. Young man that gets you. For his wife. Nena K to Laura To Laura Walter March 23th 1884 As life flows on from day to day . Be far away and you book soon fills From treasured .. and .. Complements of yours Truly Clara Paiollote To Laura Aug 10th 1886 "Life is a volume, from youth to old age; Each year is a chapter, each day forms a page, May none be more charming, more manly and true, than that pure and noble, sketches yearly by you." Your Aunt. Josephine Devaux Canton O To Laura Jan 19th 1886 I write not here for beauty I write not here for fame I write to be remembered and now I sign my name A Token of love to Laura Forget me not Fannie Fisher Dec, 27 1887 Friend Laura Whats the use of always fretting At the trials we shall find Ever strewn along our pathway Travel on ans never mind Your schoolmate Cora Shaffer Friend Laura Let fools the studious despise; There is nothing lost by being wise. Your friend and teacher A.W.McCulloch To Laura March 23 84 When the golden sun is setting And your mind from care is free When of absent friend your thinking Wont you sometimes think of me Your Cousin Celia Rouhier "Feb. 7th 1886" "Friend Laura" "Kind Friend" Remember me when Death shall close these Eyelids sweet in deaths Repose and evening Breezes gently wave the Grass above a true friends grave Your friend or mate Mary L. Hosfeld At Home Holmes Co. O Fredericksburg Ohio Novth 15 1887 Friend Laura Accept dear cousin my wish sincere May every bliss attend you May this one be a happy year And angels kind befriend you Comp[liments of Leucie Rouhier Maysville O. Nov. the 16 - 1887 Tp Laura Kochs Ohio May you my friend be ever blest With friends selected from the best And in return may you extend A gem of love to every friend Compliments of your cousin Mary Rouhier To Laura Oct 11th 1890 Remember well and beirein mind A truthful friend is hard to find A when you find one that is true Never chang the old one for the new Compliments of Mary Chenevey Boulder Colorado, Nov the 7 1886, To Laura. May happiness ever be thy lot Wherever thou shall be And Joy and pleasuer light the spot That may be home to the(e) Is the wishes of your aunt Mary Boigigain Friend Laura August 25 1889 These few lines to you are tendered By a friend sincere and true Hoping but to be remembered When I am far away from you. From your Friend Josephine N. Chenevey Fredericksburg O. Cousin Laura March 23rd 1884 Friendship is a holy chain Love Alas how often it is broken Friendship For ever I remain your friend and truth I write this as a token Your cousin Lucy Bardin, Fredericksburg Ohio To Laura Oct. 30, 1884 Twere better sad things were forgotten; but pleasant things bring joy in remembrance: remember that part of our lives spent together, which was pleasant. Your Friend Minnie F. Fried Winesburg, Ohio To Laura Sept 16th 1890 Leafsn may wither Flowers may die Friends may forget you But never will I Your Friends F. J. Chenevey Laura March 16th 1884 Improve the moments There only are ours Your Aunt Louisa Marthey Friend Laura Dec. 27, 1887 When rocks and hills divide us, And you no more I see; Just take your pen and paper And write a line to me. Your Friend Cora Kraus Miss Laura Oct 11th 1890 Remember me you must As long as you can bite a crust. And when you are old and cannot Bite Remember me in all I trust Compliements of yur friend Miss Othilie Chnevey Laura Walter March 16th 1884 Ever remamber Your Aunt Eliza Marthey To Laura Sept. the 6th 1890 To write in your album my friend Oh. Well tis not such a difficult task All I can write is contained in one line May heavens choisest blessings forever be thine Your friend Edward. H. Chenevey. Sister Laura Feb. 4th 1891 To be by you Is quite a treat You are so nice And talk so neat. Compliments of your Sister Ida W. To Laura May 22nd 87 I thought, I thought, I thought in vain. At last I thought, Id write my name Compliments of your Friend Alta Cron To Laura Remember I say when you look on these pages: That writimg in albums is like working for wages. Your friend and Schoolmate. Edw. A Aubry Jun 9,88 Elm Grove Friend Laura May your virtues spread, like butter on hot ginger bread. Ive looked these pages oer and oer, to see what others wrote before. And in this little, loely spot Ill here inscribe "forget me not." Jan. 9th 1888 Your Schoolmate Laura. Sept. 21st. 1890 To Laura There is a word in lauguage told In friendships ever dear, In Englkish Tis forget-me not In French Tis Souveire. Your friend E. H. Chenevey Dont forget the picnic and Campmeeting. Friend Laura Dec. 29"87 Let people say, what they may. Always strive to do right. Unto all, you should do. Regardless of the cost, As you would be done by. Your, Friend O. W. Pfouts. To Laura Be not afraid to do what is right, regardless of what people may say, for right must at last prevail. Truly Yours. Dec. 15th, 1886 D. F. Pfouts

Laura Belle Maria Walter was born on June 5th 1872
and died on March 17th 1953.
On April 11th, 1893 she married
Edward Hubert Chenevey at St, Marys Church in Wooster, Ohio.
He was born on December 30th, 1866 and died on August 3rd, 1934.
This Autograph book contains two entries from Edward Chenevey
and numerous ones from her Aunts and cousins.